KOTESOL (part one)

Meeting Herbert Putchta

Meeting Herbert Putchta. He’s far more photogenic and better dressed than me. 

Last weekend (the 4th and 5th of October) were KOTESOL. It was my first TEFL conference and I learned a lot, spent too much money on books, got a ton of free stuff. A few notes on the conference as a whole:

1. Conferences are exhausting. I think I spent too much time trying to pack too much in. It would have been ok to just relax.

2. I think I came out with more questions than I went in with. That’s a good thing, but my plan was to come back to school with a bunch of new cool ideas to use straight away. I’ve mostly been trying to process everything I heard.

3. I really suck at tacking notes now. I used to be good at it when I was at university, and while I was taking them I thought I was doing a good job. Looking back they’re really confusing.

4. Networking is hard. I thought I’d have a million new TESOL friends but I was too nervous for most of it to say hi to loads of people. Next time I should do a better job of saying hi. If I think about number one too I should have relaxed by the free coffee place and met more people.

The plan try to write-up my notes from the conference. Hopefully this can help me with points two and three above. It might be useful for you too.