A day in the life of a hagwon teacher

I’ve been really busy recently and so my time for blogging has been pretty squeezed. I finally managed to put aside some time for blogging and found myself with nothing particularly pressing to write about. I decided to throw it out to twitter to see if I could get any ideas. I got a few responses but the most bloggable one was this,

Thanks to Arthur for the great idea. Here’s an average day in my life:

2pm I get to work at two and get organised for the day. I have an hour before classes start to get everything organised for the day. Usually this means printing any resources I need and reviewing my lesson plans for the day.

3pm From three onwards I start teaching. My pupils generally get older through the day: usually my first class is 9-11 years old. My elementary school classes run for 50 minutes each. Sometimes I’ll have one or two free periods here. I go and eat a kimbap (rice roll) and do some planning in this time.

6pm At 6 I start moving on to middle school classes. These classes are a bit shorter at 40 minutes each. They’re maybe more difficult to teach as my middle schoolers always seem tireder than the elementary school. It’s often more fun to teach them as I have more freedom in what I do.

8pm After 8 I have adult classes. My adult classes are another set where I have a lot of freedom around what to do. It’s also fun because I can take them for dinner sometimes and we can have more serious conversations sometimes.

9pm At 9 I’m finished for the day. I have a little paperwork to do before I go home every night. Sometimes I’ll stay a bit later and get some extra planning work done but usually I can go home pretty soon after this.

All in all it’s a pretty good schedule. In writing this I realised that I don’t really know that much about other teachers’ schedules, and it’s kind of interesting. If anyone wants to share feel free to leave a comment below.