Korea Moves

This Tuesday was my one year anniversary of moving to Korea. It’s been a fascinating year and one that’s changed me more than most of the other years I’ve had. With the end of the year comes the end of my contract. I’ve decided to make a move both geographically and with age groups. I’m going to be working in a Kindergarden in Guri City at the beginning of next year.

It’s shocked me how excited I am for it. When I first came to Korea I had my mind set on getting some experience under my belt and then finding a university job. Recently I’ve come to realise that my favourite classes at my school are the younger ones. It’s really nice not having to teach to test and the teaching style is much more activity based. It’s going to be interesting to learn a new set of skills that I can (blog about and) apply wherever I teach in the future. When I went for my interview I saw a ukelele lesson being taught in English, so expect new and interesting things coming up soon.

At the same time I’m quite sad to be leaving my current job, I’ve built up some really good relationships with students and I’m going to have a tough time saying bye to them next week. The other thing that’s made me sad is some ‘oh you’re taking a step down’ remarks. There is a perception that kindergarten is at the bottom of the totem pole for Korean EFL jobs (which is bullshit). It makes me really sad that I actually put off thinking that I’d like to work in a kindergarten for a while because of peoples perceptions of it. All I can really say about that is I’m going to work really hard to be good at it, I’m going to gain a new skill set, and that I’m going to have a lot of fun. I’m not sure that anything else really matters.