‘That’ class

Another rant today, sorry!

Everywhere I’ve taught there’s been ‘that’ class, the one you just can’t seem to get through to. There was one class, and in fact one student, who stays with me; a girl with quite serious behavioural difficulties. I put a bunch of strategies in place: she could leave the classroom if she was feeling angry. I could tell her to leave the classroom if she was angry, it didn’t mean she was in trouble, she could come back into class in five minutes and it would be like nothing had happened. She started doing better and I started emailing her tutor and head of house every time she did anything well, asking them to tell her teachers were saying good things about her. There was a month of trying to build her confidence and then out of nowhere there was a really serious incident and she got expelled from the school. It was really heartbreaking for me and I felt like I didn’t want to teach for quite a while. Knowing that you can do everything right and still get it wrong is a horrible feeling.

The thing about ‘that’ class is that they’re the kids I judge my teaching ability on. (Hopefully) every teacher has a few classes who love school and do whatever they’re told to the best of their ability. When things go well with them it’s because they did well and not me. It’s not much of a confidence boost if they get great results. Surely they’d have got them with anyone? I’m not sure if that’s a sensible way of thinking about it but I can’t really help it.

At my most recent school I also, of course, have ‘that’ class. It’s my sixth week at the school and I feel like I’m getting somewhere with them. Monday was a good day for them, Tuesday was bad, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were great too. I’ve not seen behaviour like this from them before. It’s Sunday night now and I’m both excited and apprehensive for what’s going to happen in class, fingers crossed!