Tweeting and blogging towards professional development

Today I had the pleasure of giving a workshop at KOTESOL Gwangju‘s annual conference. I was talking about blogging and tweeting. Gwangju is a great city full of great people who are very welcoming (The LG twins thrashed the KIA tigers today so they might have been different if I’d let on that I’m a Twins fan.)

This is just the ‘waiting for my bus back to Seoul’ blog write up. I’m going to do a more complete one soon. The people at the workshop came up a communal list of blog prompts that I’m going to type up soon. I also want to share more of the feedback I got from the blogging questionnaire I put up here.

Honestly I don’t think I did that good a job today. I’ve been pretty sick all week and I took a day off work yesterday (for the first time in ages). I was feeling better today but I still wasn’t able to inject as much energy as I’d have liked. I was supposed to be inspiring people to blog, but that’s really hard when you’ve not got much energy yourself. I hope that even if my enthusiasm didn’t show much in my delivery that people still left wanting to blog and tweet. Sorry if anyone was let down.

If anyone did come to the workshop today and wanted to blog/tweet after please let me know if you need any help. I’ll also gladly post your blog links up here so that people can find your blogs easily. There are some useful links below as well as the conference slides.

Gwangju presentation PPT

How to set up Twitter

Getting started with WordPress