TEFL blog prompts

As part of the workshop on TEFL blogging I gave in Gwangju we came up with a communal list of blogging prompts. I’m going to post my favourite of the blogging prompts below. They’re divided up into four sections: pedagogy, lesson ideas, experiences and career. I’ve edited some of them to help bring the ideas out


  1. My values.
  2. How does teaching theory learned in another country apply in Korea?
  3. My teaching philosophy?
  4. How can I use newspapers, poems and magazines in the classroom?
  5. What have I learned recently about how to teach English?

Lesson ideas

  1. An lesson I planned based around my hobby.
  2. Summer/Winter camp lesson plans.
  3. A lesson plan I used this week. (It doesn’t have to be anything special)
  4. Making videos in class.
  5. Pronunciation activities.


  1. Funny things students have said.
  2. Awkward moments with students and coworkers.
  3. Experiences having a co teacher.
  4. About a conference I attended
  5. Write about a good/bad day and how it affected me. How did I deal with it?


  1. How is a career teaching in Korea different to elsewhere?
  2. Pay in ESL (am I getting paid enough?)
  3. Non-Naitive English teachers in Korea.
  4. How to develop yourself as a teacher (How can I find resources to develop myself as a teacher?)
  5. How has teaching changed in the time I’ve been doing it?